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Workflow triggers

Learn about schedule and webhook triggers in Retool Workflows.

Workflows can automatically run based on trigger conditions. You can configure a workflow to run at a regular schedule or in response to webhook events.


You can add multiple schedule triggers to a workflow so that it runs at different intervals. This makes it possible to run workflows at different times that cannot be expressed as a simple repeating schedule. For example, you can create multiple triggers to schedule a workflow to run at 9am every Monday, 11pm every Wednesday, and 3am on the first day of the month.

Schedule triggers also support cron syntax, which enables you to define a schedule with more granularity. For example, you can schedule a workflow to trigger at 9.30am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but only between January and September:

Day of month*
Day of week1,3,5


Workflows can run in response to webhook events, such as a payment notification from Stripe or an incident alert from PagerDuty. Each workflow has a unique webhook endpoint URL with which to receive webhook events. You use this URL when configuring webhook notifications from other services.

You cannot configure multiple webhook triggers for a workflow. Instead, you can use the same endpoint URL for any of the services that might need to trigger it. Use conditional logic, such as Branch blocks, to perform different actions depending on the source of the webhook event.