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Send notifications for Retool Events

Learn how to use Retool Events to notify your team when actions happen in Retool.

Available on:Enterprise plan

You can use Retool Workflows to send automated notifications to your team when certain actions are taken in Retool. This guide covers how to set up workflows to send Slack notifications when users request access to your organization.


To send Slack notifications from workflows associated with Retool Events, you should:

  • Allow anyone to request access to join your organization in your Advanced Settings.
  • Configure a Slack resource.

You must also be an admin of your organization to configure Retool Events and have permissions to modify the relevant workflows.

1. Configure Retool Event triggers

From the Retool Events settings page under User Requested Access, select Add a workflow.

2. Configure the workflow

The Start block for a workflow with the User Requested Access start trigger has the requesting user's email as a default input. You can reference it through {{ }} in subsequent blocks.

The default template for this workflow includes a Retool Email resource block. Add your email in the to field and test your workflow by selecting Run. You should receive an email with mock data of the user requesting access.

Add a Slack resource block

Connect a Slack resource block to the start trigger. Add a message referencing and your relevant channel, referenced through the Slack channel's ID or its name (e.g., #new-requests).

Add alerting

In the bottom of the Slack resource block's Settings tab, select Continue to add an error port. Connect the ports to the preconfigured Slack or Datadog resource blocks, or your alerting service of choice.

3. Test your workflow

You can test your workflow by selecting Run, or request access to Retool as a new user. After doing so, inspect the Run History in the bottom of the Workflow IDE to verify the workflow ran successfully.