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Enable Retool outbound regions

Learn how to route resources through different regions.


Retool outbound regions are only available for cloud-hosted organizations.

When you configure a resource, you can choose the region from which Retool makes requests to your resource. This determines the network round trip time it takes Retool to query your data sources and can improve your application's performance. Selecting a region in close proximity to your resources can reduce query latency caused by the physical distance between your data sources and Retool's servers. Outbound regions do not affect where Retool stores your applications or data.

By default, traffic routes through the us-west-2 region, based in Oregon, US. Retool’s Europe infrastructure is hosted in Frankfurt (AWS’s eu-central-1 region).


To enable Retool's Europe infrastructure, include the following IP addresses in your allowlist if you use inbound firewall rules.

CIDR IP address range
Individual IP addresses

To use the default region, enable the default IP addresses for Cloud organizations.

Set a default outbound region

Use the following steps to set a default region from which Retool accesses your data sources.

  1. Go to your organization's Advanced settings.
  2. In Other Options > Default Retool outbound region, select Set Region.
  3. Choose your preferred default region. Confirm you've added the necessary IP addresses to your allowlist if your organization enforces inbound firewall rules.
  4. Save the region.

Override default outbound regions

Use the following steps to set the outbound region for an individual resource. This overrides the organization default.

  1. Go to the resource's configuration page.
  2. In Advanced options, select Override default outbound Retool region. If you don't see this setting, reach out to the Retool team.
  3. Select your region in the Outbound Retool Region setting.
  4. If it's available on your resource, select Test Connection to confirm your resource still works.
  5. Save your changes. Your resource now automatically uses the selected region.

Override resource region