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Billing and usage

Learn about Retool billing and usage for your organization.

Billing for Retool organizations is based on the following:

  • Your organization's billing plan.
  • The number of enabled users and their usage.
  • Whether your organization is billed monthly or annually.

Retool offers tiered, per-user billing plans that scale for your organization. You select a plan that fits your needs and then pay a monthly or annual subscription based on how many users you require.

You can view and switch plans in your organization's Billing settings.

Manage billing plans


You can't transfer subscriptions between Retool Cloud and Self-hosted Retool.

User types

Retool bills at different rates according to user type and usage.

StandardEnabled users who built or edited an app or workflow during the billing cycle.
EndEnabled users who did not build or edit an app or workflow during the billing cycle. End users are billed at a lower rate than standard users.
ExternalEnd users who are not part of your organization. External users are billed based on custom pricing.

These user types are only relevant to billing. Each billing cycle, Retool calculates the total number of standard and end users based on their activity in the month. This flexibility helps keep costs down as users who didn't build or edit apps and workflows are billed at a lower rate.


Organizations on the Business plan can restrict certain users from building or editing apps and workflows using permission groups. This would ensure those users are only billed at the reduced end user rate.

Users with sufficient access can build apps and workflows at any time. For example, a user with Edit permissions but who hasn't edited an app or workflow in a while would be considered an end user for billing purposes.

Billing cycle

You can subscribe to Retool monthly or annually.


Charges for users added during a billing cycle are not prorated. End users that are upgraded to standard users during a billing cycle are charged at the standard-user rate.

Monthly billing

There are no upfront charges when you sign up for a monthly plan. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, Retool calculates standard- and end-user rates for the month, then bills you for the total amount.

Monthly billing example

A Retool organization on the Business plan has 15 enabled users during the month:

QuantityUser rateTotal
Standard user5$65$325
End user10$18$180
Monthly total$505

The Total amount billed at the end of the month is $505.

Annual billing

Annual plans allow you to lock in a discounted rate for a given quantity of standard users and end users by paying up front for a year. If you can closely approximate how many standard and end users you need each month, selecting an annual plan can help reduce your costs.

When signing up for an annual plan, you specify the quantity of standard users and end users for which you pay up front at checkout. For example, if you prepay for 15 standard users and 10 end users for a year, there are no additional charges provided your usage stays below these amounts each month.

Within each annual term, Retool bills for additional usage on a monthly billing cycle. At the end of each month, Retool calculates the number of standard and end users for that month. If the number of users of either type exceeds the amount purchased upfront, Retool bills your organization for the additional users at the monthly rate for that month.

Annual billing is available for all paid plans. This is an annual commitment and canceling will not result in a prorated refund. You can make changes to your annual plan by contacting our support team.

Annual billing example

A Retool organization signs up for the annual Business plan. They estimate their usage requires five standard users and 10 end users:

QuantityUser rateTotal
Standard user5$50$250
End user10$15$150
Monthly total$400

The total up-front cost for 12 months is $4,800.

During the first month, the Retool organization has 20 enabled users in total, which exceeds the up-front cost for 15 users. Additional users are billed at the monthly billing rate:

QuantityUser rateTotal
Standard user1$65$65
End user4$18$72
Monthly total$137

The total amount billed for the additional usage at the end of the month is $137.

Change billing location and currency

You can update your billing location and currency from the lower right corner of your organization's Billing settings.