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Customer specifics

There are various other customer specific information that should be added to an internal wiki or handbook.

Naming conventions

If there are any specific naming conventions for folders, apps and resources list them out here. Common examples are:

  • CamelCase or Title Case: some teams use either CamelCase (e.g., "MyApp") or Title Case (e.g., "My App") for naming their apps. Choose a style that aligns with your organization's preference.
  • Prefix or Suffix: some teams may opt to include a prefix or suffix to distinguish apps within a larger Retool workspace. For example, "Admin - MyApp" or "MyApp - Production."

Release process

If there are any specific release processes related to apps, resources, workflows and query library queries, list them here.

Showcase how other teams or users have been adopting and using Retool internally. These apps can be used as templates or art of the possible for other teams to get started.

Resources and data access

Which resources have been setup in Retool and where to request access to new ones.