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Retool 2.71.7


We recently fixed a long term issue that was negatively impacting Retool performance, caused by inefficient transmission of data between our parent application window and our JavaScript evaluation sandbox. We’re now seeing up to 10x faster query result speeds for many Retool apps, especially those with significant data fetching and {{}} usage.

To complement this improvement, we’ve also started to expose some performance metadata directly in the query editor. Hover over query’s runtime in the left panel of the query editor and you’ll now see a performance breakdown for that query. You can inspect each step from when a query is triggered to when the data is processed on the client—making it much easier to debug slow queries.

The performance tooltip will be rolling out to users over the next week. Drop a note to and let us know how it’s working for you.

Self-hosted Retool

If you’re working with sensitive data or in a highly regulated industry, your internal tools almost certainly need to run on your own infra. For developers in this camp, we’ve just introduced much easier paths to spin up self-hosted Retool: 1-click deployment to AWS, a k8s install script, and deployment as a Docker container to any service (Heroku, Render, etc.). Get started now and build Retool apps on your own infrastructure in less than 10 minutes.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the app “Preview” button to wait for all changes to save before switching to preview mode
  • Fixed the “allowed inputs” validation for certain types of the TextInput component (e.g. percentage, number, currency)
  • Added a toggle on custom components to enable the allow-modals sandbox option
  • Fixed the Scanner component's image preview on mobile
  • Fixed failure conditions in a query's “Response” tab so that they’re no longer shown when the setting is toggled off
  • Upgraded the Presto integration JDBC driver to v350
  • Added support to the Presto integration for the source connection parameter
  • Removed license key checking for airgapped deployments
  • Added support for audit log entries when Resources get created, updated, or deleted (Pro plan and above)

Enterprise Plan

We’ve been shipping improvements to Protected Apps over the past few weeks and all of those changes are now live on the latest stable build, 2.69.17–check out this guide to upgrade your Retool instance.