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Self-hosted Retool 2.106.2


  • Allowed tooltips to trigger on disabled components
  • Enabled automated refreshes for custom auth on loading an app
  • Show Create a new resource on all resource query lookups
  • Updated the Hubspot integration to use Private App Tokens instead of API keys, which have been deprecated


  • Added Sidebar frame to App editor
  • Added a border to the component search bar when the widget picker is scrolled
  • Added default app name when duplicating an app
  • Added support for event handlers to HTML component
  • Added support for gRPC queries
  • Added text area component for Retool Mobile
  • Added the ability for users to create tables with predefined columns and randomly generated data
  • Added the ability to import MongoDB configurations from connection strings
  • Added the height property to the Status component
  • Added the Icon Position property for Status component


  • Fixed a bug that caused mobile-only users to be redirected to the list of Retool Mobile apps rather than the specific app they were invited to
  • Fixed an issue where tabbing away and back into Retool would clear record modal values
  • Fixed an issue with downloading files with no file extension
  • Fixed bug in Retool Mobile causing crash when adding a widget under a Custom Collection widget
  • Fixed bug where page description doesn't automatically update on change
  • Fixed bug where users couldn't click behind modals
  • Fixed issue where group folder defaults were removed if app permissions changed
  • Fixed issue with tooltips for long app names
  • Fixed visual bug with overlapping tooltips


  • Improved mobile login email entry experience
  • Improved the appearance of the camera on Mobile
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