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Self-hosted Retool 2.111.2


  • Reduced MongoDB max pool size from 100 to 10
  • Reduced scope of Source Control email alerts to only commit-related errors


  • Added a Note feature for workflows that allows users to comment their blocks
  • Added namespaced table schemas to MySQL schema explorer
  • Added some resources missing from workflows
  • Added support for IAM auth for Athena resources
  • Enabled specifying a branch or environment with the retool embed API


  • Fixed an issue where branding headers could cover app content
  • Fixed an issue where typing in certain input components when in an app's header would scroll the page
  • Fixed an issue with the environment switcher callout when dismissed
  • Fixed an issue withi Redshift IAM auth
  • Fixed bug which would cause public apps to render at 100% width regardless of the set maximum width
  • Fixed environments scrolling issue when there are many environments]
  • Fixed issues with history functionality in Query Library
  • Fixed layout bug in apps with both a header and sidebar in presentation mode
  • Fixed MongoDB schemas in the Query Library
  • Fixed reset branch diffs in Source Control
  • Fixed reset branch modal to correctly paginate remote branches
  • Fixed the move to folder option for workflows


  • Improved performance of full and partial syncs in Source Control
  • Improved stability and throughput of Postgres SSH Connections]
  • Improved workflows autolayout interaction
  • Improved drag and drop system to fix common pain points when moving components around the canvas


  • Removed release version tag in URL when sharing live version of app
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