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Self-hosted Retool 2.123.1

Recommended upgrade path for the new runtime

Self-hosted Retool 3.0 and later use an updated runtime that can improve app load time by 75%. The legacy runtime is no longer supported. We highly recommend users of previous versions first upgrade to Self-hosted Retool 2.123 and test the new runtime before upgrading to 3.0 or later.


  • Clarifies embed users in user permissions page
  • Clarify Retool instance URL in failed source control deployment emails
  • Delete public apps when an organization is archived
  • Reload GRPC proto files when proto directory contents are changed.
  • Query editor filtered state icon has been updated to match the non-filtered state icon


  • Added a control for enabling case sensitive filtering in the Table component, defaulting to case insensitive matching
  • Added a link to the REST API resource page from the resource catalog when there are no search results
  • Added a maximum session length of 30 days for Retool Embed.
  • Added a new Stripe API version, which includes the Payment Links endpoint
  • Added Apps and Workflows options to the Retool logo menu
  • Added a Python custom libraries UI with global importing and language server support to Retool Workflows.
  • Added a Retool Workflows callout and the option to run a workflow to the query editor
  • Added a schema explorer for gRPC resources.
  • Added debugging details for full and partial syncs to the Source Control dashboard
  • Added dynamic icons to the Table component.
  • Added the option to use the new runtime for Retool apps.
  • Added error handling support to query editor AI.
  • Added evaluation highlighting for evaluation template strings
  • Added inline validation to resource settings.
  • Added JavaScript support to query editor AI
  • Added linting to the template string code editors
  • Added Markdown syntax highlighting to the Text component
  • Added query caching on public apps.
  • Added streaming support for Cassandra resources.
  • Added support for gRPC binary metadata
  • Added support for pypdf custom library
  • Added the ability to disable Retool Embed users from the permissions page.
  • Added the ability to edit Icon and Label properties to Toolbar buttons
  • Added the ability to run Retool Workflows queries on Retool Mobile.
  • Added the ability to select multiple services for gRPC queries
  • Added the JDBC resource to Retool Cloud
  • Added the llama_index library to Retool Workflows.
  • Added the option to disable prepared statements for Databricks resources.
  • Added log details to distinguish full/partial syncs


  • Fixed an error when editing JavaScript queries related to the case sensitivity of identifiers
  • Fixed an issue where an application's header flashed when an organization had users redirecting to workspaces
  • Fixed an issue where context menus for self-hosted releases were displayed behind the query editor
  • Fixed an issue where disabled resource configuration settings appeared to be enabled
  • Fixed an issue where editable tag cells in the Table component were incorrectly highlighted
  • Fixed an issue where padding around action buttons in the legacy Table component caused rows to extend past their usual height
  • Fixed an issue where passing an integer to externalIdentifier for Retool Embed would cause a server error.
  • Fixed an issue where some components threw an error when adding them to the canvas
  • Fixed an issue where Table toolbar styling would not match the Table styling.
  • Fixed an issue where template strings were incorrectly highlighted before they were evaluated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Icon component would remain in an error state if given an invalid name
  • Fixed an issue where the Table component would sometimes crash when using the Tag dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue where the table location would jump after refetching a Retool Database table
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't capitalize table names
  • Fixed an issue with caption alignment in the Table component.
  • Fixed an issue with Markdown syntax highlighting when using templated strings.
  • Fixed an issue with push notification delivery on Android with Retool Mobile.


  • Improved GraphQL formatting by using Prettier, which also prevents comments from being removed when reformatting
  • Improved Password Reset Form
  • Improved some resource templates and correctly capitalized some resource names
  • Improved the pop-out code editor layout
  • Improved the styling of the Retool logo, header, and tags.
  • Improved URL hash behavior so that hashes persist when switching between edit and preview modes
  • Improved autolayout functionality in Retool Workflows
  • Improved gating on Query Library and Home pages to prevent access by users without permissions. Previously, they could not access the contents, but they could see the page.


  • Removed the ability to trigger some keyboard shortcuts within input components, as some keys are reserved for text formatting.
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