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Self-hosted Retool 3.22.1


You must now set the ALLOW_SAME_ORIGIN_OPTION environment variable to true to continue using IFrames which use the allow-same-origin sandbox flag.


  • Upgrade Node version to 18.18.2.
  • Disabled Storage and cookies option for custom components by default. This can be re-enabled by setting the ALLOW_SAME_ORIGIN_OPTION environment variable.


  • Added LDAP_SERVER_CERTIFICATE and LDAP_SERVER_KEY to the list of all secret environment variables that can be loaded from the file system with RETOOL_LOAD_FILE_SECRETS.
  • Added expandable table rows rerpesentation in Toolscript.
  • Added keyboard navigation to the Table component summary row.
  • Added support for Google Cloud Provider Secrets Manager.
  • Added padding controls to Drawer and Modal frames.
  • Added a GUI Mode toggle to Firebase queries.
  • Added a color option to label captions.
  • Added support for public apps to Retool Storage.
  • Add the Add component option to the contextual menu of the canvas.
  • Added an option to hover over and copy text from cell tooltips in the Table component.


  • Fixed missing users from the All Users group.
  • Fixed GitHub commit actions in Source Control.
  • Fixed the height of Select components without a placeholder and when search is disabled.
  • Fixed style menu swatches to match parent container nested styles.
  • Fixed nested styles with theme references.
  • Fixed code editor performance when using nameless resources.
  • Fixed a performance issue when typing quickly in a Styles editor.
  • Fixed the default height of components when dragged to the canvas.
  • Fixed style editor values resetting unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue where data updates to the Table component in multi-row selection mode would not update selectedSourceRows.
  • Fixed an issue with the Table component's cell tooltip editor.
  • Fixed resource permissions.


  • Improved date parsing to support second-based unix timestamps.


  • Removed user list from api/user response if user does not have access.
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