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Self-hosted Retool 3.24.1


  • URL query parameters now retain their original sorting and are no longer sorted alphabetically.


  • Expose the instanceView scope within repeatable view components.
  • Added an escape handler for frames.
  • Added a global helper function for swapping items in an array.


  • Fixed an issue with the Key Value component not always respecting saved property order.
  • Fixed an issue with mapped options and custom formatting in the Key Value component.
  • Fixed an issue where changeset and save actions were not available in tables with only editable dynamic columns.
  • Fixed responsiveness of the styles editor when using {{ }} values.
  • Fixed an issue with resetting branches in Source Control.
  • Fixed an OAuth replacement issue for redirects to LDP.
  • Fixed an issue with the Main frame's background color when it references a color from the theme.
  • Fixed an issue where Collapse empty rows would not work within repeated containers.
  • Fixed an issue with components that use ChevronScrollable that caused the component either to not scroll or only scroll by a small amount.
  • Fixed positioning of the Modal frame.
  • Fixed missing users from the All Users group.
  • Fixed GitHub commit actions in Source Control.
  • Fixed the height of Select components without a placeholder and when search is disabled.
  • Fixed the resource authentication prompt occasionally not appearing for some users.
  • Fixed an issue where commponent names may appear as tabs in the code editor after undoing changes.


  • Updated the PDF Exporter to use template string editors.
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