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Self-hosted Retool 3.28.3


  • Moved Legacy components to the end of the component picker in the IDE.


  • Added support for Google service accounts to the REST API resource.
  • Added support for dynamically setting the requireConfirmation property of queries.
  • Added support for Source Control settings to audit logs.
  • Added the new List View component.
  • Added dependency cycle error messages to the debugging console.
  • Added support for setting the border radius style for Button components.
  • Added the option to reset an app theme.
  • Added a warning when using a page translation tool that it may not function as expected.
  • Added helper methods on _tool.
  • Added support for multiple environments to Retool Storage.
  • Added support for custom widths to the Drawer frame.


  • Fixed an issue where deleting a resource may not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where bulk-deleting apps may not work as expected
  • Fixed an issue with the Select component where the readOnly property may not behave as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Page Input component's aria attribute was not set.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chart component may stop responding if value labels were not a string or array.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chart component may not render correctly when using JSON metadata.
  • Fixed an issue with Oauth callback URLs for resource deployments.
  • Fixed an issue with Source Control where some apps were not correctly unprotected.
  • Fixed an issue where frames within modules may not function correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the background of Table component cells would change color while editing.
  • Fixed an issue with the List View component where the height may not appear as expected under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where newly created custom app themes don't reflect changes until after refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where branding headers did not render with a border correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where nested containers within a module may not render with a border.
  • Fixed an issue where Changeset and Save actions were not available in Table components with only editable dynamic columns.
  • Fixed an issue where the Filter component may not correctly link to a Table component if used within a module.
  • Fixed an issue with the Key Value component not respecting saved property order.
  • Fixed an issue where the {{ theme }} global object did not correctly include organization-defined default theme values.
  • Fixed an issue with OAuth replacement for redirect to LDP.
  • Fixed reset branch diffs in Source Control.


  • Improved the appearance of all components.
  • Improved the performance of the style settings when using dynamic values.
  • Improved the appearance and placement of component names on the canvas.
  • Improved preview links for app versions to include the current URL hash.
  • Improved performance of the Reorderable List component.
  • Improved the ability to select and deselect tags in the Table component.
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