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Self-hosted Retool 3.4.2


  • Restyle schema output panel.


  • Added a color picker to use instead of code input for color-related fields in the Editor
  • Added a redirect to the main Retool login screen when a user visits an invalid org subdomain
  • Added a setting to allow admins to disable a user's access to the account details page.
  • Added a subdomain to the reply-to address on emails sent using Retool Email.
  • Added a warning note when trying to invite an already disabled user to an organization
  • Added an error message when a user attemps to accept an expired or invalid user invite.
  • Added documentation links to Retool Workflows blocks
  • Added support for postgres scheme in the Postgres connection string
  • Added support for bearer token authentication to Rest API, OpenAPI, and GraphQL resources
  • Added support for comma-separated email keys in JWT email key fields.
  • Added support for multiple triggers for running a Retool workflow
  • Added support for Secrets Manager and Environment Configuration Variables
  • Added support for the hidden property for toolbar buttons in new Table component
  • Added the ability to copy selected cell values in the new Table component
  • Added tooltips to Retool Workflows block actions
  • Added support for auto-completing template strings around plugin names in the transformer code editor.
  • Added a 'change filter' event handler on Table components.
  • Added the ability to change label and caption colors on Steps components.
  • Added the ability to customize how row selection states should update when actions are clicked in Table components.
  • Added a warning icon to Resource blocks which do not have a resource configured.
  • Added support for gpt3-turbo-16k in smart queries and smart blocks.
  • Added retoolContext.networkStatus property to expose network connectivity details.
  • Added a new packaging method for the Retool backend that should reduce CPU and memory consumption. (Also added the USE_LEGACY_ONPREM_BACKEND environment variable. When set to true, Retool will use a backend built with the previous packaging method. This environment variable will be removed in the next release along with the legacy backend.)
  • Added status indicators for columns in the new Table component


  • Fixed a bug that duplicated gRPC metadata values
  • Fixed a bug where Column add-ons weren't rendered for the InspectorList
  • Fixed a filtering issue with columns that use the currency type in the new Table component
  • Fixed an error where users could not accept invites when logging in with Google SSO.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause crashes on the account settings page and audit logs.
  • Fixed an issue where links were hidden in the app navigation bar when using Retool Embed
  • Fixed an issue where no results were returned when startAt or endAt were set to null when using the Firebase SDK
  • Fixed an issue where the SCIM groups update endpoint did not check for group uniqueness. The endpoint now also identifies users by their SID instead of display name.
  • Fixed issue that would cause justified content in the Navigation component to re-render too many times, affecting event handlers
  • Fixed issue with swapped Github Enterprise URLs
  • Fixed markdown bug
  • Fixed multiple issues where the bottom border in Table components didn't collapse correctly
  • Fixed new runtime causing unexpected scope modification in tables with malformed template strings
  • Fixed radius in the split Run button
  • Fixed status indicators to show even if there is no cell content in the Table component
  • Fixed an issue where apps would snap to the top of the page when navigating between apps.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the navigation bar to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where data did not show as an autocomplete option until a query ran.


  • Removed SCIM_ONLY_MODE support for on-premise deployments
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