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Retool Forms: Build custom forms on top of a SQL database 10x faster

Retool Forms

Retool Forms is the fastest way to build a form on top of your database, your data warehouse, or wherever else you want your data. Retool Forms are:

  • Native to your data source: Generating a form on top of any SQL datastore (Postgres, MySQL, Snowflake, etc.) in one click.
  • Your form, your database: Use your own or we’ll give you a Postgres DB—with a connection string if you want to take it elsewhere.
  • Code-first: You can write JavaScript almost anywhere, including libraries like moment and lodash, for custom validations, conditional logic, and data parsing.
  • The start of other processes: Build apps and workflows on top of your data to join data sources, send updates through Slack or email, and take action on your results.
  • Secure: Forms are public but the data, apps, and workflows you build are permissioned securely with granular access controls. You can also self-host it in your own VPC.

Retool Forms is free and has no arbitrary limits on users, forms, or submissions.