Front Integration

Query Front via Retool.

Integrate Retool and Front

To connect your resource to Front, give your resource a name then click "Connect to Front". Then follow the OAuth flow, signing in to Front to connect Retool.

Save the resource and that's it! You can now query the Front API in Retool!

Querying the Front API

After setting up a Front integration with Retool, a new option for a Front query will appear on the Retool page editors. After selecting that option, you will be presented with a UI that allows you to use any of the end points in the Front api spec to send and retrieve data from Front. You can learn about the popular endpoints for syncing contacts with CRMs, automating message replies with chatbots, and building dashboards for analytics here.

How to embed a Retool app as a Front plugin

Once you've built your app, click share, select public and enable public link access. After copying the public access link to the Retool app, go to the "Plugins & API" settings page in Front and then "Add a plugin" and paste the link.