Integrations overview

An introduction to data sources in Retool and how to get yours hooked up.

Retool Integrations / Data Sources

Retool connects to whatever data you need to build your tools. A few of our integrations:

If it's stored somewhere, you can build with it in Retool.


Video: connecting your data source to Retool

We put together a video that walks through the basics of connecting a DB or API to Retool here.

Adding a Data Source

Once you're signed in to Retool, navigate to the "Resources" page via the top bar menu and click on the blue "Create New" button on the right.

Each data source type has different setup requirements: databases require whitelisting IPs, Firebase requires keys, etc. Our docs for each source will walk you through what you need.



If you're having any issues, don't hesitate to reach out through Intercom on the bottom right.

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