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Use the Retool Mobile app for iOS and Android to browse, search, and launch your Retool Mobile apps natively. You can also share links to open mobile apps directly in the Retool Mobile app or as progressive web apps (PWA). Retool organizations on Business or Enterprise plans can also set granular permissions to restrict user and group access to each mobile app.

Any changes you make to mobile apps are immediately available to users. You can use release management to keep users on a specific version as you work on changes or roll back to a previous version.

Retool Mobile for iOS and Android


If you have a larger workforce, consider using mobile device management (MDM) to distribute apps to managed devices at scale.

Download the Retool Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, log in using either their Retool credentials or Google SSO.

Use Host settings to select whether your Retool organization is on Retool Cloud or Self-hosted (e.g., an on-premise deployment).

Retool Mobile for iOSRetool Mobile for iOS

Both Self-hosted Retool and Retool Cloud organizations use the Retool Mobile app for iOS and Android to launch mobile apps natively.

Browse, search, and launch mobile apps

The Retool Mobile app provides access to all of the mobile apps in your Retool organization. Your users can browse through the list or search to find a particular mobile app, then tap one to launch.

Browse, search, and launch appsBrowse, search, and launch apps

You can return to this list at any time by pressing the Home button in the title bar area of the mobile app.

Scan QR code

The App editor contains a QR code you can scan with a mobile device to launch the app in the Retool Mobile app. Select QR Code from the Preview menu to display the QR code. This is useful as you build and test a mobile app, allowing you to quickly launch it without needing to browse and select it.

Open mobile apps using the QR codeOpen mobile apps using the QR code

Share apps and invite users


Early access customers can use Retool Mobile for free during the beta period. Additional users will not count towards the total number of users billed on your pricing plan. We'll provide an update on Retool Mobile pricing closer to launch.

Similar to web apps on Retool, each mobile app has a unique URL. Direct links open in the Retool Mobile app on a user's mobile device automatically. If the Retool Mobile app is not currently installed, the user is automatically routed to their device-specific app store listing for download.

You can invite new users or send a link to existing users via email. Click the Share button in the upper-right of the App editor to display sharing options, then select the Viewer tab. You can enter individual email addresses or click Add many at once to use a comma-separated list.

Share app linksShare app links

Invited users can click on the direct link to open the Retool Mobile app and create an account before the app launches.

View your mobile app on the web

You can open viewer links in a browser and interact with a fully functional PWA version of your mobile app. This allows you to share your mobile apps with users who don't have a mobile device with the Retool Mobile app installed.

In a desktop browser, Retool Mobile loads your app in a device frame and includes a QR code to open as a native app on iOS or Android.

Viewer linkViewer link

Self-hosted Retool organizations directly control and manage PWA versions of mobile web apps.

Passwordless login

Retool Mobile includes a passwordless login flow for existing users. Any existing user who opens a mobile app link is automatically logged into the Retool Mobile app. This enables you to distribute apps to your workforce without existing users needing to log in first, resulting in fewer steps.

Restrict user access

Your users can browse and launch any of your mobile apps by default. If your Retool organization is on either the Business or Enterprise plan, you can use granular access controls to configure permissions that restrict mobile app access only to certain users or groups.

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