Connect to a SOAP API

Learn how to connect a SOAP API to Retool.

You can connect to a SOAP API using the same authentication options as a REST API. There are a number of differences between REST and SOAP requests, so you must format them differently.

  • Use the SOAP endpoint as the URL of the request. If you are using WSDL, then you must give the path to the WSDL inside the URL.
  • SOAP endpoints must be sent as POST requests.
  • Add the header 'Content-Type' = 'text/xml'. If you are using a SOAP 1.1 service then you must also include a SOAPAction HTTP header field.
  • Use the Raw body type to define the SOAP request.
  • Consult your API specification for the headers required. The name of the SOAP method is usually specified in the SOAP body, but sometimes it may be specified in the header.

Configuring the body for an example SOAP request.Configuring the body for an example SOAP request.

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