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Trigger workflows periodically

Learn how to automatically perform tasks at a regular interval with Retool Workflows.

You can add schedule triggers that run workflows automatically at regular intervals. You schedule workflows using Interval mode to specify the frequency using a set of options. For more granularity, use Cron mode and provide cron syntax. You can also specify a timezone so that the workflow schedule runs based on local time.

Add a schedule trigger

To add a trigger, click the Start block or the Triggers button in the left panel. You can create multiple schedule triggers to run workflows at different intervals, and also add them to a workflow with a webhook trigger.

Configure an interval schedule

Add a Schedule trigger to configure a workflow to run periodically. You can configure a schedule that triggers every n minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months.

Configure an Interval schedule.

Configure a cron schedule

Retool Workflows supports cron syntax when configuring a schedule. The block displays a human-readable version of the values you provide. You can also hover the cursor over the label for each input to display a tooltip with syntax reference.

Configure a Cron schedule.

If you aren't sure how to define the schedule you want, you can review more examples to get a better idea.