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Filter data with the Filter block

Learn how to filter data in a workflow.

Filter blocks enable you to write logic to perform actions with a specific subset of data. If an item evaluates as true, the Filter block includes it in the data it returns.

Apply filters to queries first

Optimize your queries to filter data and return only the results you need first, such as LIMIT or WHERE clauses for SQL databases or pagination for API requests.

Filter blocks function similar to Loop blocks and iterate through the query you select from the Iterable dropdown. Set the Filter Expression to a condition that evaluates as true, using value and index to reference evaluated items and their indexes.

For example, you can use a Filter block to return a list of customers with an email that includes github.

Configure block settings

You can configure the following settings for Filter blocks.

Timeout after (ms)

The duration to wait before the block times out. Default is 10000.