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Query resources in workflows

Learn how to interact with your data using Resource query blocks in Retool Workflows.


Learn more about Retool's supported integrations and how to connect your own data sources.

You can add Resource query blocks to workflows that enable you to write queries that interact with databases and APIs. You can write SQL queries for databases with SQL or perform API requests.

Write SQL queries

You use SQL mode to write SQL statements, primarily used for reading data. GUI mode provides you with an interface to construct queries that write or modify data with greater accuracy than a raw SQL statement. This can prevent unintentional changes due to erroneous SQL statements.

Perform API requests

API resources, such as REST, GraphQL, and SOAP APIs, also use a GUI to construct queries. You can also use the RESTQuery resource to manually interact with APIs that are not configured as an existing resource.

Query JSON with SQL


If your resource uses OAuth, make sure Share credentials between users is enabled on the resource configuration page. This ensures workflows run automatically.