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Connect an Amazon Knowledge Base

Learn how to use an Amazon Knowledge Base vector store for use with Retool AI.

Retool supports Amazon Knowledge Bases as a vector store for Retool AI. Once configured, you can use an Amazon knowledge base as an alternative to Retool Vectors.


To import an Amazon knowledge base for use with Retool AI, you need:

  • The knowledge base name.
  • The knowledge base ID.

Refer to the Amazon Knowledge Bases documentation to learn more about creating a knowledge base and obtaining these credentials.

Add the Amazon knowledge base to Retool

To import the Amazon knowledge base:

  1. Sign in to Retool and navigate to the Resources tab, then select Retool Vectors.
  2. Click Create new and select Import from Amazon Knowledge Bases.
  3. Provide the knowledge base name and ID.

Once configured, the knowledge base appears in the list of vectors. You can then select the knowledge base from an AI action in which you want to provide vector data.

Retool does not directly import any data from the knowledge base. When you select the knowledge base, Retool communicates directly with the knowledge base which functions in the same way as Retool Vectors to provide additional context for the AI model.