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Creating OAuth credentials

  1. Go to the Credentials page in the Google Cloud Platform console.

  1. Select + Create Credentials in the top bar and then select OAuth client ID from the options list.

  1. Once on the Create OAuth client ID screen choose Web application from the Application type dropdown.

  1. Give your application a name. We recommend something likeRetool to make it easy to identify and locate in the future.

  2. Add your Retool domain as an authorized JavaScript origin URI. Your Retool domain is the base of the URL you use to access Retool. So if you use to access Retool enter as a URI.

  3. Add the following two URIs to the Authorized redirect URIs list, replacing BASE_URL with your Retool domain. You can also copy and paste the URLs directly from the resource creation screen in Retool.

    • BASE_URL/oauth/oauthcallback This URL is used when a resource shares credentials between users.
    • BASE_URL/oauth/user/oauthcallback This URL is used when a resource uses user level credentials.

6.Click Create. You will be then be presented with a client ID and client secret that you can use to create a resource in Retool.