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Connect to CouchDB

Retool supports specifying your CouchDB's credentials through username and password.

Allow Retool to access CouchDB

If CouchDB is behind a firewall, you must allow access from Retool's IP addresses. Add the IP addresses to your firewall's Allowlist before you create the resource.

1. Create a new resource

Sign in to your Retool organization and navigate to the Resources tab. Click Create new, then select CouchDB.

Create a new resource

2. Select the resource type

Retool can connect to almost any API or database, and has built-in integrations for popular data sources. Select the CouchDB resource type.

Select CouchDB resource type

3. Configure the resource

Specify a name and location for the CouchDB resource. Retool displays the resource name and type in query editors to help users identify them. Next, configure the following settings.

HostThe URL or IP.
PortThe port number.
Database usernameThe name of the database user.
Database passwordThe password of the database user.
Use SSL/TLSConnect to your database with SSL/TLS.
Enable SSH tunnelEnable SSH tunneling through bastion host.

Configure CouchDB

Wrap up

Your CouchDB resource is now ready to use. To interact with CouchDB data, select the resource in the query editor.