Jira Integration

Query Jira via Retool.


Jira Cloud-only

We currently only integrate with Jira's cloud offering. If you're using Jira on-premise, please reach out to support for help getting setup.


To connect to Jira first give your resource a name. You'll then need to enter the name of your Jira cloud subdomain. You should see this in the url of your Jira homepage in the format your-domain.atlassian.net. You'll then click Test OAuth integration with your own account.

Follow the Jira authorization steps, authorize the access for the same domain you entered in the server variables and press Accept.

Save the resource and that's it! You can now query the Jira API in Retool!

Querying the Jira API

After setting up a Jira integration with Retool, a new option for a Jira query will appear in the select a resource dropdown of the Retool query editor. After selecting that option, you will be presented with a UI that allows you to use any of the end points in the Jira api spec to send and retrieve data from Jira. You can learn about the popular examples and endpoints like creating a new issue, modifying a project, assign tickets to users and more here.

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Jira Integration

Query Jira via Retool.

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