Salesforce Integration

Query Salesforce via Retool.

You can query Salesforce via Retool easily. Before doing so, though, you have to setup Salesforce first.

Setting up a Salesforce resource

Prerequisite: Create an app in Salesforce

First, you have to register Retool as a "Connected Application" under Salesforce.

  1. Create a new connected app:
    • In Lightning Experience, use the App Manager to create connected apps. type App Manager in the quick search box. Then, click New Connected App.
    • In Salesforce Classic, from Setup, enter Apps in the Quick Find box, then select Apps (under Build -> Create). Under Connected Apps, click New.
  2. Enter the name + contact info. Try Retool, and your own email!
  3. Tick Enable OAuth Settings, and enter the callback URL that Retool gives you from the resource screen:

The OAuth Callback URL to use with Salesforce.

  1. Add all supported OAuth scopes to Selected OAuth Scopes. These scopes refer to permissions given by the user running the connected app. If you add Full access we also need access and manage your data and perform requests on your behalf (a bit confusing - full access does not actually grant everything).

An example of how to configure Salesforce for use with cloud hosted Retool

  1. Click Save. The Consumer Key (aka. the client id) and Secret (aka. the client secret) are created.

Add the app to Retool

  1. Create a new resource, and select Salesforce.
  2. Add the key + secret + instance URL (your Salesforce URL), and then press "Test Connection" to ensure the connection works.
  3. Hit save!

Querying the Salesforce API

After setting up a Salesforce integration with Retool, a new option for a Salesforce query will appear on the Retool page editors. After selecting that option, you will be presented with a UI that allows you to use the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to retrieve data from Salesforce.

Bulk Operations in Salesforce

Retool supports Bulk Inserts, Bulk Updates, Bulk Upserts, and Bulk Delete from Salesforce. Here are examples of these!

Bulk Inserts

Bulk Update

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Salesforce Integration

Query Salesforce via Retool.

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