Slack Integration

Connecting Slack to Retool

1. Create Slack Webhook

You'll first need to set up an "Incoming Webhook" in Slack:

Once you select a channel and create the webhook, you'll be presented with a setup screen containing details about your webhook and how to use it. Make a note of the "Webhook URL", which will be in the following format:

Slack > Custom Integrations > Incoming Webhooks > New Configuration

2. Add to Retool

Create a new resource in Retool, and select "Slack" as the type. Enter your webhook URL. Press "Save" when you're done.

Resources > Add > Slack

3. Create queries

You can now select your newly-created Slack resource from the Resource dropdown when creating queries in your Retool apps. We currently only support plaintext messages.

When you "Preview" a Slack query, it will send a message to your Slack workspace.

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Slack Integration

Connecting Slack to Retool

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