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Enterprise Support Policy

This Retool Enterprise Support Policy (“Policy”) is subject to the terms and conditions between Retool and Customer, as referenced in the applicable Order Form (the “Agreement”). Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined in this Policy will have the definitions given to them in the Agreement.


This Policy describes Retool’s support offering for tickets related to the Services and submitted by Customer to Retool via the Retool Help Portal (“Support Tickets”). “Retool Help Portal” means the support portal located at [] or such other successor URL. This Policy only applies if Customer has purchased an “Enterprise” level subscription to the Services under the applicable Order Form.

Retool Support

At all times during the subscription term of the Order Form, Retool will maintain a sufficient number of personnel who are experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified in the use and support of the Services. Retool will respond to Support Tickets as set forth in this Policy. All support pursuant to this Policy will be performed remotely and in the English language.

Priority Levels

At the time of submitting its Support Ticket, Customer will have the ability to designate the priority level of its request in the Retool Help Portal. Retool may reassign the priority level, provided that such reassignment follows criteria set forth in the table below.

Priority LevelDescriptionExample Issues
P0An emergency condition which makes the continued use of any production use cases depending on the Services impossible or significantly impaired. The condition requires an immediate solution that is not already available to Customer.All Authorized Users are locked out of the primary workspace of Retool.

An important production Workflow is suddenly malfunctioning.
P1Any condition which makes configuration of any one or more functions of the Services impossible and which Customer cannot reasonably circumvent or avoid on a temporary basis without the expenditure of significant time or effort.Resource credentials on development instances of Retool are suddenly unusable.

Part of the Retool editor UI is crashing.
P2Limited problem conditions which can be reasonably circumvented on a temporary basis without significant expenditure of time or effort, or unclear configuration blockers needing troubleshooting to identify potential product fault.A bug report of odd drag & drop behavior inside of the editor in inconsistent scenarios.

A newly configured query behaves differently when run from Retool than directly against the database.
P3A minor problem condition or Documentation error which Customer can easily circumvent or avoid. Suggestions for new Service features or enhancements are also classified as Priority Level 3.Requests for documentation or examples of how to configure a Retool feature.

All other non-product inquiries.

Support Regions

Support hours for P0 issues are from 5pm Sundays - 5pm Fridays Pacific Time.

For P1-P3 issues, Retool will be available for support (excluding on local office holidays) during the business hours of one of the below support regions (“Support Region”) which will be specified in the applicable Order Form:

RegionSupport Hours
US West9 am - 5 pm US Pacific Time; Mondays through Fridays.
US East9 am - 5 pm US Eastern Time; Mondays through Fridays.
EMEA9 am - 5 pm GMT/BST; Mondays through Fridays.
US Late (APAC)5 pm - 1 am US Pacific Time; Sundays through Fridays, 1 am US Pacific Time.

Hours of coverage will be adjusted in accordance with locale-specific daylight-saving changes.

Customer may change its preferred Support Region no more than once during the term of the applicable Order Form. To request a change in Customer’s preferred Support Region, Customer must submit a P3 Support Ticket to the Retool Help Portal.

Target Response Times

Retool’s target response times to Support Tickets are based on the priority level, as specified in the table below. For clarity, “Response Time” means the time between Retool’s receipt of any Customer message within a Support Ticket, including the initial submission, and Retool’s next response via one of its personnel.

Priority LevelTarget Response Times (Enterprise)
P02 global business hours.
P11 business day.
P22 business days.
P34 business days.

Resolution times are dependent on the nature and complexity of the issue raised by Customer and Customer’s active engagement and assistance may be required to support resolution in a timely manner.

Customer Responsibilities

To assist Retool in addressing and troubleshooting requests, Customer must remain accessible to engage with Retool, have a base knowledge and familiarity with the Services, and provide Retool with all information reasonably necessary to assist Customer in addressing Customer’s request. Retool’s provision of any support in accordance with this Policy is subject to Customer’s compliance with its payment obligations under the Agreement.


Retool’s support offering is limited to issues in the base delivered functionality of the Services, as described in the applicable Documentation and will not include administering Authorized User access to the Services or use of Custom Apps. Retool’s support offering does not apply to (i) deprecated versions of the Services that are no longer supported by Retool (as specified in the applicable Documentation), (ii) Trial Products; (iii) Customer’s infrastructure or other failures related to Customer’s deployment; or (iv) issues caused by Customer’s use of the Services in breach of the Agreement or the applicable Documentation.


In response to support requests raised by Customer in accordance with this Policy, Retool may offer temporary workarounds, patches, bypass procedures, or other solutions to mitigate the effects of the issue. Retool does not guarantee that it will be able to resolve all issues raised by Customer under this Policy.

Operational Changes

Retool may modify this Support Policy from time to time to reflect new features or changing operational practices, but the modifications may not be retroactive or materially decrease Retool's overall obligations during the applicable Order Form term.