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Retool Legal Agreements and Policies

Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy sets out a list of acceptable and unacceptable conduct for our Services. If we believe a violation of the policy is deliberate, repeated or presents a credible risk of harm to other users, our customers, the Services or any third parties, we may suspend or terminate your access. This policy may change as Retool grows and evolves, so please check back regularly for updates and changes. Capitalized terms used below but not defined in this policy have the meaning set forth in the User Terms of Service.

Customer-Specific Supplement

The terms of the Customer-Specific Supplement ("Customer-Specific Supplement") below supplement and amend Customer's Contract (as defined in our Customer Terms of Service) if Customer falls into the corresponding category of Customer. If there is any conflict between the Customer-Specific Supplement and the Contract, the applicable terms in the Customer-Specific Supplement will prevail. Nothing in this Customer-Specific Supplement makes us a government contractor for any federal, state, local, or foreign government.

Customer Terms of Service

These Customer Terms of Service (the "Customer Terms") describe your rights and responsibilities when using our developer tools and platform (the "Services"). These Customer Terms also apply if you purchase any expert services that we offer to help our customers launch, accelerate or optimize their use of the Services ("Expert Services"). Please read these Customer Terms carefully. If you are a Customer (defined below), these Customer Terms govern your access and use of our Services and any Expert Services you receive from us. If you are an individual that a Customer is inviting to use the Services, the User Terms of Service (the "User Terms") govern your access and use of the Services.

Data Request Policy

Not unlike other technology companies, Retool receives requests from users and government agencies to disclose or delete data other than in the ordinary operation and provision of the Services. This Data Request Policy addresses those issues and outlines Retool's policies and procedures for responding to such requests for Customer Data. Any capitalized terms used in this Data Request Policy that are not defined will have the meaning set forth in the Customer Terms of Service. In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions of this Data Request Policy and the Customer Terms of Service, the provisions of the Customer Terms of Service will control.

DMCA Policy

We take the intellectual property rights of others seriously and require that our Customers and their Authorized Users do the same. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act established a process for addressing claims of copyright infringement that we have implemented for Retool services. If you own a copyright or have authority to act on behalf of a copyright owner and want to report a claim that a third party is infringing that material on or through a Retool service, please send a notice to our copyright agent that includes all of the items below and we will expeditiously take appropriate action:

Master Subscription Agreement

This Master Subscription Agreement (this “Agreement”) is entered into by and between Retool Inc., a Delaware corporation with offices at 1550 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (“Retool”) and the customer identified in the Order Form that references this Agreement (“Customer”). The individual accepting this Agreement on Customer’s behalf represents they have the authority to bind Customer to this Agreement. If the individual does not have such authority, such individual and Customer may not use the Services and/or any Trial Products.


To support delivery of our Services, Retool, Inc. (or one of its Affiliates listed below), may engage and use data processors with access to certain Customer Data (each, a "Subprocessor"). This page provides important information about the identity, location and role of each Subprocessor. Terms used on this page but not defined have the meaning set forth in the Customer Terms of Service (or if applicable, the superseding written agreement between Customer and Retool or a Retool affiliate(s)) (the "Agreement").