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Retool Referral Program

Learn about the Retool Referral Program.

The Retool Referral Program allows you to refer new users to Retool and earn cash rewards. You can read more about this program below, or see the Refer Cloud users guide to learn how to refer users.

Program overview

With this program:

  • All Cloud users can participate and earn while referring new users to Retool.
  • You can refer new users to the Team or Business plans.
  • Referrers earn 20% of the new user's payments for six months; this includes all payments from monthly and annual plans, as well as Workflows overages.
  • Referees receive a 20% discount on their bill for six months after they sign up.
  • Cloud users can generate and access a unique referral link within Retool. When users sign up using a referral link, they are marked as a referred user for the account that referred them, and the referrer earns rewards based on the new user's future payments.
Referral program limitations

This program is only available to Retool Cloud users, and referred users must be on the Team or Business plan. This program does not include Enterprise or self-hosted plans.

Earnings calculations

Referrers earn 20% of all payments made to Retool for the first six months. Referred users also receive a 20% discount, which means referrers earn 20% of the 80% paid by new users. For example:

  1. User A refers user B.
  2. User B purchases two $65 Business plan standard user seats and 10 end user seats, with a total price of $310.
  3. User B receives a 20% discount and pays Retool $248 per month.
  4. User A earns 20% of the new user's payments ($248 per month) and earns $297.60 across 6 months ($49.60 per month).

Referral experience

When a user clicks your referral link, they are sent to the Retool signup page.

After signing up, users can view plan options and discount information on the Billing page.

Referral best practices

Retool recommends a few things to help you get the most value out of the referral program:

  • Share your referral link on social media. Retool supports a broad set of use cases, and most businesses have a potential need for Retool.
  • Be proactive and contact people in your network directly, especially if you know how they might use Retool.
  • Explain Retool when needed. Retool's value isn't always clear to new users, so a brief explanation of how Retool can save them time or how Retool works can be helpful.
  • If possible, help your referrals build their first app or provide similar support.