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Learn about organization users in Retool.

A user is a Retool account that belongs to an organization. Users represent the people with access to the organization and its data. Retool uses email addresses as the identifier for users.

When a user signs up, Retool associates them with an existing organization if the user meets one of the following conditions:

  • They use an invitation from an existing organization.
  • Their email address domain matches one configured by an existing organization to automatically add users from that domain.
  • They use an SSO provider configured for an existing organization.

If the user doesn't meet these conditions during signup, Retool prompts them to create a new organization for which they become the primary admin.


An email address can only be associated with one organization. If a person needs to access multiple Retool organizations, they must create a user account for each with different email addresses.

If a user signs up and creates a new organization instead of joining an existing one, they must archive their account and organization first.