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Change Retool Cloud subdomain

Learn how to change your Retool Cloud organization's subdomain.

Retool Cloud admins can change an organization's subdomain at at any time. Performing this action permanently changes the URL of your organization (e.g., ->

Considerations when changing subdomain

Subdomain changes are permanent. Keep in mind the following considerations as you decide whether to make this change:

  • All organization URLs will change. Any external references to your organization, such as bookmarks, must be updated to use the new subdomain. Any links that contain the previous subdomain will no longer work.
  • Previous subdomain will be released. Once a subdomain is changed, the previous one is made available for other organizations to use.

To change your subdomain, navigate to your organization's Advanced settings. Specify the new subdomain to use and click Save. If the subdomain is not available, Retool suggests some alternatives. You can also enter another subdomain to check if it's available.

Change subdomain

Once the change is made, you are logged out and must log in again.