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Route users to specific apps

Learn how to use Workspaces to automatically route end users to pre-specified Retool apps.

Admins can configure workspaces for specific permission groups. Users without Edit access who are members of a group with an associated workspace are automatically routed to a specific Retool app when they log in. For example, you can route all Customer Support representatives automatically to a Customer Support Retool app containing links to all the apps they might need to use.

Configure a workspace

To configure a workspace, Navigate to the Permissions settings and select the permission group you'd like to apply the workspace to. In the Additional tab, select an app under Workspace homepage. Users in the chosen permission group are automatically directed to this app when they log in.

Configure a workspace in Settings

Workspace routing

Users with Edit access to any apps are routed to the Retool homepage when they log in, even if a workspace homepage is set for their groups. Users who are members of multiple groups with workspaces can switch between workspaces using their profile menu in the top right hand corner of the page.

Using multiple workspaces