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Interact with AI models with the AI action block

Learn how to use Retool AI actions in a workflow.

The AI action block enables you to leverage Retool AI in workflows. You can write queries that instruct AI models to perform different actions, such as generating text or chat responses.

To interact with AI in a workflow, add an AI Action block to the canvas.

Available actions

Workflows supports the following AI actions:

Refer to these guides to learn how you can write AI action queries.

Configure block settings

You can configure the following settings for AI action blocks.

Timeout after (ms)

The duration to wait before the block times out. Default is 10000.

Retry count

The maximum number of attempts to retry the query if an error is returned.


The minimum length of time to wait between query retries. This is useful if a query is triggering a rate limit.


Whether to increase the interval between retries, also known as exponential backoff. This is useful for handling rate limits.


Whether to stop the workflow and return an error if the block fails, or continue to allow an error handler to run.