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Retool Events overview

Learn about workflows triggered in response to Retool lifecycle events.

Available on:Enterprise plan

Through Retool Workflows, Retool Events allow organization admins to build custom automations in response to actions taken in Retool. You can create workflows for a Retool Event to:

  • Send custom onboarding emails to new users joining your organization
  • Set up alerts and notifications for actions taken within Retool
  • Fully customize transactional emails (e.g., user invite and password reset emails)

Retool Events make Retool more scriptable and powerful, and you can use them to override built-in Retool functionality like emails. When doing so, you should set up appropriate alerts as error handlers in your workflows.

See the Retool Events quickstart to get started.

Override built-in Retool functionality

You can use workflows to override Retool's built-in email sending service to let you send custom transactional emails from your domain. See the guide on whitelabeling emails to learn more.

Error handling and alerting

A workflow may fail for several reasons, including errors in the workflow logic or code itself, errors calling external dependencies, or network issues. Because Retool Event workflows can control business-critical functionality, Retool automatically sends an email notifying your organization's admins when these workflows fail.

If your organization uses a monitoring and alerting service like Datadog, you may want to add error ports to the workflow so you can notify your team through existing channels.

Extend Retool Events

Have additional events you want to connect? Send a note with your use case and our team will be in touch.