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New resource permission levels

Resources now have additional permission levels. This make it easier to build apps with sensitive data in a secured way.

  • The Use permission grants users permission run queries on a given resource. This means administrators can now control access to sensitive resources without needing to control access to different apps.
  • For Retool organizations on the Enterprise plan, resource permissions can also be granted at the environment level.

Retool Storage: A file store for cloud-hosted organizations

Retool Storage is a hosted blob store that allows you to upload and interact with your files without needing to configure an object store (e.g., S3, Azure File Storage). There is a 5 GB storage limit per organization, with a 40 MB limit on file size.

Working with files has previously been a challenge for users as it required storing base64 strings or using third-party data stores. Retool Storage is a built-in solution that requires no configuration.

There are two ways to interact with Retool Storage:

  • The Retool Storage section in the Resources tab for your organization.
  • The Retool Storage resource, available in both apps and workflows.

You can programmatically upload, read, and download from Retool Storage.

New Retool outbound regions for Retool Cloud

When you configure a resource on Retool Cloud, you can now choose to route traffic through the eu-central-1 region, based in Frankfurt, Germany, or through the default us-west-2 region, based in Oregon, US. This determines the network round trip time it takes Retool to query your data sources. Selecting a region in close proximity to your resources can improve your application's performance.

You can set a default region for all your resources and override it for individual resources. Learn how to set resource regions in our documentation.