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Today, we're excited to announce Retool's integration with Amazon Bedrock and Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock. This integration enables businesses to leverage the power and security of Amazon Bedrock with the ease and speed of development on Retool to build AI applications.

For companies with strict data policies, sending data to a third-party LLM is a deal-breaker. With Amazon Bedrock, businesses can host LLMs within their VPC, ensuring compliance with their security and governance requirements. Retool customers who have adopted AWS can take advantage of all that Bedrock has to offer while keeping their data safe and secure.

The Amazon Bedrock integration is currently available on Retool Cloud. It will be available in the next Edge and Stable releases for self-hosted organizations.

Custom product pages allow organizations on the Business plan and above to replace Retool's login, reset password, signup, and invitation claims pages with custom Retool web apps.

This feature is currently an early access beta. Contact your account manager or reach out to request access.

Custom product page demo

Retool Mobile for iOS and Android now supports biometric security. Users are prompted to verify their identity using biometrics (e.g., fingerprint or facial scan) each time they open the app.

You can also enable a privacy screen that obscures the mobile app when it appears in the device's app switcher. This can prevent sensitive information being potentially made visible.