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Learn more about notifications and their global settings.


The notification updates described in this guide are currently being rolled out, so you might not see them in your Retool instance yet.

There are two core notification types in Retool:

  • Notifications displayed when using apps.
  • Notifications displayed in the App IDE when editing apps.

End user notifications

App notifications are for displaying important information to users while they interact with your app. They're displayed automatically after queries run, but you can also configure them using event handlers and the utils.showNotification method. End user notifications are also displayed while editing apps so they can be configured.

IDE notifications

IDE notifications are displayed automatically while editing apps (e.g., after deleting a component or undoing an edit). These notifications are for app editors and aren't visible to end users.

Global notification settings

Global notification settings are accessed from the App settings menu.

Global settings apply to app notifications. You can override these settings at the individual query or notification level. For example, you can set the duration on a notification triggered by an event handler to exceed the global value.