App themes

Learn more about app themes.

You can create and manage themes from your organization's Themes settings.

Access settings for your organization


Themes are only available on the Business and Enterprise plans.

Create themes

On the Themes page, click Create new and enter a name. You can then select an existing Retool theme from which to start. Retool's themes are optimized for high-contrast use.

Create a new theme

The theme editor displays a live preview of your style options and how they apply to your apps. Style options are broken down into different sections:

  • Brand colors: The primary and additional colors for your app.
  • Text colors: The light and dark colors used for component text.
  • Surface colors: The colors for the Header and Main frames in the Canvas, and components that contain other components or data (e.g., Container and Table components).
  • Status colors: The colors for certain interactive components, such as Alert and Button.
  • Automatic colors: The colors used by components that support deterministic color assignments (e.g., the Tags component).
  • Border radius: The default border radius for components.

Theme editor and preview

Manage themes

You can set a theme that applies to all apps by default, duplicate an existing theme, or delete a theme at any time. Click the ••• button to bring up theme options.

Editors can override the theme in each app from the ••• App actions menu. Any apps using a deleted theme revert to your organization's default theme. If you delete the default theme, apps revert to Retool's default style instead.