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Use the Retool APIBeta

Learn how to use the Retool API in apps and paginate responses.


The Retool API is currently in beta. Reach out to your Retool account team to get access.

The Retool API is documented using the OpenAPI 3.0 format and available at You can connect to and query the API in your Retool apps as you would any other resource. This guide outlines how to connect to the Retool API in apps and paginate the API. See the automate onboarding guide for examples of specific API use cases.

Use the Retool API in apps and workflows

To interact with the Retool API using your apps, create either a REST API resource or OpenAPI resource.

Set the Specification URL to one of the following values, depending on if you're using Retool Cloud or a self-hosted deployment:

  • Cloud: The domain name of your Retool instance, followed by api/v2/spec (e.g.,
  • Self-hosted: http://your-domain/api/v2/spec

Include an Authorization header with bearer authentication to authenticate your requests. See the authentication guide for more information.

Paginate responses

By default, responses include up to 100 items. When there are more items, the has_more field in the response is set to true and the next field has a pagination token.

"data": [
"has_more": true,
"next": "opaque-pagination-token"

To request the next page of results, include the token in the URL parameters of the request:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}"