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Self-hosted Retool 2.107

Deprecated release
This release has been deprecated and is no longer supported.


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.15-legacy was released on .


  • Removed a dependency on a deprecated third party service for user avatars


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.14-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed a bug that resulted in intermittent 500 errors caused by ECONNRESET and socket hang ups when running queries


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.13-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue with using protected resources beta and local development


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.11-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue where AWS CodeCommit API limits where hit when using Source Control


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.10-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed sort logic for modal columns in the Table component when all values are numbers
  • Fixed bug preventing usage of OAuth across instances


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.9-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed URL hash bug for non-string types


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.8-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed bug where list views with 0 or null rows rearrange components unexpectedly
  • Fixed issues with Query Library loading and variable evaluation


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.7-legacy was released on .


  • Improved stability and throughput of Postgres SSH connections


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.5-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue that caused copy and pasting containers or modals with modules inside to fail


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.4-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Rich Text Editor component to crash with a React error
  • Fixed an issue that caused gRPC resource queries with JavaScript within the JSON payload to fail


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.3-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed bug where the Snowflake OAuth resource did not include a session role scope in the authorization URL


Self-hosted Retool 2.107.1-legacy was released on .


  • Added workflow folders and permissions
  • Added a new option for List Collection types
  • Added a timeframe customization option for the list view in the Calendar component
  • Added auto/fixed height editor config for stepper component
  • Added default custom button label for all new table widgets
  • Added header to inspector dropdown menu
  • Added hover-able icons with tooltip that indicates whether fields support Markdown
  • Added snap to grid and guidelines when dragging a block
  • Added SSL certificates to Redis and Redshift
  • Added support for certificates and verification mode to AlloyDB resource
  • Added support for step captions in the Steps component
  • Added support for vertical orientation in the Steps component
  • Added tooltips on Select to remove confusion over when a query is triggered


  • Fixed a bug with flipped image with border radius
  • Fixed a crash when linking to a container from a Steps or Tab component in an app with a table and no other containers
  • Fixed an issue causing jsquery to not run when referencing widgets in empty list views
  • Fixed an issue where icons in dynamic mode may fail to load
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes inspector popovers would overflow the top of the page
  • Fixed buggy behavior when inviting existing mobile users
  • Fixed Debug Tools to focus on the State of the currently selected component when first opened
  • Fixed formatting for SQL queries with ternaries
  • Fixed GCS uploads for workflows
  • Fixed Go to App links from modules when included in public apps
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to connect to Hubspot using OAuth authentication
  • Fixed MongoDB test connection timeout for the new driver
  • Fixed overflown Table cells
  • Fixed regression so customers can click behind modals again
  • Fixed the resize indicator from overlapping when resizing components with vertical controls
  • Fixed tooltip items overflow problem
  • Fixed View in Bitbucket URLs generation
  • Fixed viewport width to respect the app canvas max width


  • Improved Action Sheet look and feel
  • Improved autocomplete fields in the right panel to only surface in code blocks
  • Improved component search/filtering
  • Improved copyable text component
  • Improved mobile login flow
  • Improved query naming when duplicating a query
  • Improved the styling of the Retool user menu when rendered in the Sidebar


  • Updated Slack icon
  • Updated the styling for the event handler editors of the Navigation component
  • Updated the UI for SSL options on the resource configuration form
  • Upgraded the redis driver to version 4.5.1


  • Removed support for GET and PUT commands with our Snowflake resource
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.