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Self-hosted Retool 2.110

Deprecated release
This release has been deprecated and is no longer supported.


Self-hosted Retool 2.110.13-legacy was released on .


  • Removed a dependency on a deprecated third party service for user avatars


Self-hosted Retool 2.110.12-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed a bug that resulted in intermittent 500 errors caused by ECONNRESET and socket hang ups when running queries


Self-hosted Retool 2.110.11-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue with using protected resources beta and local development


Self-hosted Retool 2.110.10-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue where protected resources with multiple environments could not be moved
  • Fixed issue where renaming protected apps causes the app to be unprotected for AWS Code Commit


Self-hosted Retool 2.110.8-legacy was released on .




Self-hosted Retool 2.110.6-legacy was released on .


  • current_user.locales


Self-hosted Retool 2.110.5-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue with time-based expiration for custom authentication.


Self-hosted Retool 2.110.4-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue where AWS CodeCommit API limits where hit when using Source Control


Self-hosted Retool 2.110.3-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed bug where apps were not rendering when using the new runtime


Self-hosted Retool 2.110.2-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed a bug that caused public apps to render at 100% width regardless of the application's set maximum width


Self-hosted Retool 2.110.1-legacy was released on .


  • Added See token status to OAuth forms
  • Added a feature that automatically expands the component tree on the left when you select a component in the canvas
  • Added a feature that automatically sends emails when the jobs runner fails to deploy a commit; added a settings toggle for on-prem customers to opt out of this feature
  • Added a final stage to the unprotect and protect flow
  • Added a loading state for the branch actions selection menu that appears after creating or renaming a branch
  • Added a toggle to prevent scroll from changing values in the Number Input component
  • Added name tooltip over the component icon in the right panel
  • Added SSH Tunneling for Amazon Redshift
  • Added support for IAM authentication for Amazon Redshift resources


  • Fixed a bug preventing users from uploading certificates for TLS on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where Select and Multiselect components could select disabled values with search
  • Fixed an issue where the Actions column of tables sometimes wouldn't show up
  • Fixed an issue where the variable editor was erroneously showing up for a GraphQL Resource in the Query Library
  • Fixed copying and pasting containers and modals with nested modules
  • Fixed HTML spacing issue when searching by 'created by'
  • Fixed navigation items when a theme is applied
  • Fixed refresh for Google resources
  • Fixed reloading a schema while switching between environments in the Query Library
  • Fixed Source Control issue causing incorrect app history
  • Fixed the height of Form components when they're dragged out from the create panel


  • Restricted backend methods for source control when syncs are failing
  • Updated supported AWS regions
  • Updated the TLS frontend for gRPC
  • Updated to use new Unified TLS options form for Cassandra
  • Disabled protecting, unprotecting, and pushing changes to protected apps when deploys are currently failing
  • Implemented a post deletion warning for open PRs on GitHub
  • Implemented following focus when dragging a block or arrow outside the edge of the canvas


  • Removed non-functional cache options UI for queries that are imported from Query Library
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.