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Self-hosted Retool 2.67

Deprecated release
This release has been deprecated and is no longer supported.


Self-hosted Retool 2.67.14-legacy was released on .


  • Added a does not equal option to table filters.
  • Added additional logging to the Custom OAuth2 refresh flow
  • Added option to convert a Container into a Tabbed Container
  • Added release creator and publisher information in Releases modal
  • Added short cut (CMD+SHIFT+G) to toggle grid on/off in addition to holding down command and dragging a component
  • Added simple drag-and-drop functionality for the navigation component menu so users can re-order their menus as they please.
  • Amazon ECS container credentials.
  • Ask for confirmation before discarding unsaved transformer changes
  • Changed select editors to show a fx button to switch from the dropdown to a code input.
  • Environment variables


  • Fixed a bug with Git Syncing that affected read-only instances in certain Cloud-hosted environments
  • Fixed apps under Source Control sometimes not updating the latest synced commit
  • Fixed array encoding for Stripe resources
  • Fixed Snowflake resources to respect the default timeout
  • Fixed Table.selectRow to now selects multiple rows
  • Fixed Text v2 component to allow HTML class names
  • Included correct authentication headers when making a logout request


  • Improved load times for apps by caching certain internal Retool data


  • Instance profile credentials
  • Java system properties
  • Locked group membership when syncing groups via SAML
  • Navigating components when editing also just got easier. You can now tab between components on the canvas. Combined with arrow keys to move, CMD+arrow keys to resize, copy/paste, and cut/paste, you can now do quite a bit of layout work with the keyboard alone!
  • Split log output for Git Syncing and Source Control
  • The default credential profiles file
  • utils.exportData
  • We've made a few quality-of-life improvements for Source Control. In addition to admins, owners can now protect an application or a module. When setting up Source Control for the first time, Retool will now correctly handle a repository that has no existing commits.
  • We've made some great improvements to copying, pasting, and cutting components. Components can now be copied between desktop and mobile view. A component can also be cut from the canvas and pasted elsewhere.
  • Web Identity Token credentials from the environment or container.
  • You can now toggle the AWS v4 authentication on an HTTP resource to use the default provider chain to get credentials. If enabled, Retool will check the following places, in order, for AWS configuration values.
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.