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Self-hosted Retool 2.98

Deprecated release
This release has been deprecated and is no longer supported.


Self-hosted Retool 2.98.10-legacy was released on .


  • Added support for group filtering to our SCIM integration


Self-hosted Retool 2.98.9-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed issues with Protected Resources when resources have name conflicts or special characters


Self-hosted Retool 2.98.7-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue where form data keys using strings for numbers generated arrays.


Self-hosted Retool 2.98.6-legacy was released on .


  • Updates HTTP header parsing dependency to prevent errors in parsing headers.


Self-hosted Retool 2.98.5-legacy was released on .


  • Patched an SSRF-vulnerable endpoint.


Self-hosted Retool 2.98.4-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue with Source Control syncs when using Protected Resources.


Self-hosted Retool 2.98.2-legacy was released on .


  • Fix an issue causing switching views in editor to trigger queries that should only be manually triggered.
  • Fix error in previewing table column mapper result of an array column in HTML mode.
  • Fixed fx mode of attachments in SMTP queries.
  • Fixed an issue where workspaces in menus did not highlight.
  • Fixed disabled queries depending on other enabled queries blocking evaluation of dependent properties.
  • Fixed getting service names.
  • Fixed Link rendering in Safari when there's only an icon.
  • Fixed menu highlighting in the Query Library.
  • Fixed Multiselect not showing the search input when filtering options.
  • Fixed overflow of option label text.
  • Fixed PWA experience when frame is displayed.
  • Fixed Steps labels color when on a dark background.
  • Fixes a visual issue when dragging and dropping into folders on the Explorer.
  • The scanner component no longer causes tabs to act like a camera stream is open after it's been closed.


  • Add a hover preview to the Date Range Picker.
  • Added a third screen to new mobile apps.
  • Added ability to view the list of user groups that grant permission to a specific app
  • Added alert on editor when attempting to save a cyclic module dependency.
  • Added callout for branch actions in debug status bar.
  • Added feature callout on home screen of those with Retool Mobile enabled.
  • Added Support for IAM Authentication for MySQL.
  • Added tooltip to Scanner Single Scan toggle.
  • Adds a 24px Dense row height option to Table.
  • Adds skip TLS checkbox for Redshift.
  • Workflows users can now export and import their workflows via JSON.
  • Add nested list view.


  • Improved Date Range Picker component with more intuitive behaviors.
  • Improved generalizability of default mobile app.
  • Improved initial render performance of Table.
  • Improved login screen UI.
  • Improved mobile login flow UI.
  • Autocomplete suggestions now show if optional chaining is used in a code editor.
  • Beta users of Retool Mobile on cloud can now see their mobile only users count in their invoices.
  • Improved js queries async support.


  • Copy/cut/paste shortcuts added to component tree.
  • Pasting in main frame is selected will now paste in an expected position.
  • Show block inputs only if block is not minimized.
  • Refinement of our color palette for Retool UI to refresh our design language.
  • Updates logic of preview positioning.
  • Exposes IAM Auth for Postgres as an auth mode by default without a feature flag.
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.