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Self-hosted Retool 2.99

Supported release
Retool 2.99 is currently supported until December 11th 2024.


Self-hosted Retool 2.99.14-legacy was released on .


  • Added support for group filtering to our SCIM integration


Self-hosted Retool 2.99.13-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed issues causing queries with disabled properties to infinitely loop


Self-hosted Retool 2.99.12-legacy was released on .


  • Added an environment variable to control DBConnector's max pool size for Postgres


  • Fixed issues with Protected Resources when resources have name conflicts or special characters


Self-hosted Retool 2.99.10-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed an issue where form data keys using strings for numbers generated arrays.


Self-hosted Retool 2.99.9-legacy was released on .


  • Updates HTTP header parsing dependency to prevent errors in parsing headers.


Self-hosted Retool 2.99.8-legacy was released on .


  • Patched an SSRF-vulnerable endpoint.


Self-hosted Retool 2.99.5-legacy was released on .


  • Fixed bug with dropdowns where screen scrolls and dropdown does not open.


Self-hosted Retool 2.99.4-legacy was released on .


  • Queries with manually provided options that are blocked by other queries now run after the blocking query finishes.


Self-hosted Retool 2.99.1-legacy was released on .


  • Added a beta AlloyDB resource integration.
  • Added a Refresh event handler to Table widget.
  • Added History modal shortcut.
  • Added keyboard shortcut for clearing Debug Tools: Timeline.
  • Added search functionality to Debug Tools: Timeline.
  • Added support for CA Cert to MySQL.
  • Added the ability to select queries from Debug Tools: Timeline.
  • Added the new Deployment Dashboard which serves as a hub for Source Control settings and allows users to see a list of Source Control deployments on their instance.
  • Added zoom to Debug Tools: Timeline.
  • Support sorting numerical values in Single Tag column type in the Table component.


  • Fixed a bug where customers would see a module's components in the delete dialog box when deleting a container with a module.
  • Fixed an issue where converting an App to Module could cause issues with queries in folders.
  • Fixed an issue where Link List, Dropdown Button, and Split Button would show numbers as labels when no labels were provided.
  • Fixed autoscrolling for logs in workflow.
  • Fixed debounced form submit event handler clearing form field before triggering.
  • Fixed Debug Tools: Linting throwing errors for custom globals.
  • Fixed Multiselect not showing the search input when filtering options.
  • Fixed Multiselect not showing the search input when filtering options.
  • Fixed out of sync model for selected item when query fields change, e.g., renaming fields in a GraphQL query.
  • Fixed set metadata function to be able to edit the fixed key metadata of GCS objects.
  • Fixed user state being updated when the access level select component is unselected.
  • Fixed visual inconsistencies when viewing an app in Public mode.
  • Table's selected row and focused cell should no longer be able to get out of sync.


  • Improved editor usability, improved parity between mobile and web editor alerts.
  • Improved mobile editor experience when a mouse is connected.
  • Improved Table keyboard navigation performance.
  • Allow users to copy parts of the text within table cells rather than the entire cell.
  • Tables can now show up to 100 rows in auto mode, as well as use the scroll overflow option.


  • Changed Icon's minimum height to two rows. Added focus states for Icons that are clickable.
  • Changed permissions page title to reflect the URL slug.
  • Containers can now be pasted within other containers by selecting them.
  • Pasting below multiple widgets aligns to left of copy bounding box.
  • Pasting in main or no frame will default to the very left below the bottom-most component.
  • Reduced CPU Resources required for Proto Parsing at start-up.
  • Removed placeholder body for minimized blocks.
  • Updated icons for Single Tag column type in Table.
  • Re-focuses source container after closing widget context menu to enable shortcuts.
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.