CouchDB Integration

Connecting CouchDB

Retool supports specifying your CouchDB's credentials through username and password.

If you are using the cloud version of Retool, make sure to whitelist our IP Address.

CouchDB CRUD Operations

Basic Queries

You can now write CouchDB queries from Retool's editor interface. You first select which database to edit, the method to query your CouchDB database with, and depending on which method, you can configure the query.

Below is a simple example of querying a CouchDB database for a document with a particular key:

Here's an example of updating a document with new values:

Dynamic Queries

Just like any other datasource in Retool, you can also refer to dynamic variables inside your CouchDB Queries. Here's an example of inserting a CouchDB document based on values of a form:

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CouchDB Integration

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