BigQuery Integration

Connecting BigQuery to Retool

Retool’s BigQuery integration makes it easy to query, join and edit the data a BigQuery data warehouse. This page explains how to setup your BigQuery database as a Retool Resource and query your data.

1. Prerequisites

First you'll need to get Google Cloud credentials to authenticate. For Service Account authentication, follow Google's documentation here to obtain your private key:

2. Add to Retool

Create a new resource in Retool, and select BigQuery.

Enter a name by which you want to refer to this BigQuery integration. Currently Retool only supports connecting to BQ with a Service Account. Enter your Service Account key and click Create Resource.

3. Create Queries

You can now select your newly-created BigQuery resource from the Select Resource dropdown when creating queries in your Retool apps. You can toggle between SQL mode for raw SQL statements or the GUI mode for structured writes.

You can display the results of BigQuery queries as with any other query in Retool:

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