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Self-hosted Retool 3.39 Edge release notes

Retool Helm chart minimum required version

If you're using the Retool Helm chart, the minimum required chart version is 6.1.0.


Self-hosted Retool 3.39.0-edge was released on .


  • Added support for Anthropic AI models to the Generate image from text AI action. (#41708)
  • Added support for automatically granting Own access to organizations that use access control features. (#41402)
  • Added support for passing URL parameters to a workflow when triggered by a webhook event. (#41693)
  • Added support for sending audit log events to Datadog. (#41938)
  • Added the setGrouping() method to the Table component. (#41666)
  • Added the option to configure image columns in the Table component as editable and allow uploads. (#41820)
  • Added the option to specify user attributes when inviting users. (#41668)


  • Fixed an issue where AI actions using gemini-pro-vision may not work. (#41682)
  • Fixed an issue where app modals and frames may not close in the correct order. (#41541)
  • Fixed an issue where app protection may not preserve its functions. (#41570)
  • Fixed an issue where members of the default Viewers group may not be able to use all apps. (#41430)
  • Fixed an issue where the Disabled setting for the Signature Pad component would not work as expected. (#41590)
  • Fixed an issue where the Icon column type in the Table component would incorrectly display the Editable option. (#41623)
  • Fixed an issue where the Request access button may not appear if Disable Login with Email and Password is enabled. (#41509)
  • Fixed an issue where the Temperature AI action setting would be displayed for AI models that do not support it. (#41651)
  • Fixed an issue with custom domains in invite and password reset emails. (#41930)
  • Fixed an issue with link and button column text colors in the Table component. (#41608)
  • Fixed an issue with Log in with Apple in Retool Mobile. (#41853)
  • Fixed an issue with upgrading an existing space from YAML to Toolscript. (#41581)


  • Improved built-in app templates to use newer components and layout functionality. (#41547)
  • Improved Query Library button appearance in Safari. (#41832)
  • Improved the appearance of in-app notifications. (#41342)


  • Users cannot change their password if Disable Login with Email and Password is enabled. (#41898)


  • Removed the Starred items section from the Apps tab. Starred items now appear at the top of the list. (#41758)
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.