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Self-hosted Retool 3.60 Edge release notes


Self-hosted Retool 3.60.0-edge was released on .


  • Added the Mobile Progress component. (#45679)
  • Added support to prevent enabling external apps. (#45537)
  • Added support for automatically creating an external apps folder when users opt into external apps. (#45407)
  • Added font size control to List boxes, Selects, Button Group, and File Dropzone components. (#44689)
  • Added font size controls and Option Text style options to Checkbox, Radio, and Switch components. (#44716)


  • Fixed an issue when uploading assets to blob storage buckets on self-hosted deployments. (#45707)
  • Fixed an issue where the popout editor for number style editors was not appearing. (#45669)
  • Fixed layout issues on the login page. (#45683)
  • Fixed an issue with the default error page's height when embedded in a frame. (#45676)
  • Fixed an issue where the PAGE_EXPORT event had no description in the audit logs. (#45684)
  • Fixed an issue with login styles on small viewports. (#45660)
  • Fixed an issue where custom CSS in the SMTP email preview would incorrectly affect the outer editor by isolating styles within shadow DOM. (#45604)
  • Fixed an issue with pagination in the History panel. (#45653)
  • Fixed an issue where organization image blobs would not load for public apps. (#45634)
  • Fixed an issue where filters would be incorrectly cleared when removing filters above them. (#45534)
  • Fixed an issue where forms stopped aggregating null values. (#45568)
  • Fixed an issue where images uploaded for the Navigation component would not display in public apps. (#45615)
  • Fixed styling issues for protected apps. (#45627)
  • Fixed an issue with resource saves failing after restoring from a database dump. (#45611)
  • Fixed an issue where the Status Indicator add-on would overlay and visually cut off the Format button. (#45525)
  • Fixed an issue where the reset button only appeared when the first selected component was changed. (#45522)
  • Fixed an issue where the context menu wouldn't close when pressing del on query tabs with references. (#45523)
  • Fixed an issue where SortList elements overflowed and overlapped when the container was scrolled. (#45508)
  • Fixed an issue where the theme editor inspector would sometimes crash when selecting multiple components. (#45415)
  • Fixed an issue where return 0 in the query editor did not display output correctly. (#45501)
  • Fixed an issue where uploading a file with a similar name would incorrectly rename it. (#45454)


  • Improved ARIA labeling for Table and Row components to ensure correct accessibility attributes are set according to their selection states. (#45674)
  • Improved error messages during two-factor authentication setup to display backend-provided messages. (#45680)
  • Improved the maximum timeout for Loop Block v2 iterations to two minutes. (#45518)
  • Improved visibility options for checkboxes in non-editable boolean fields in the Table component. (#45546)
  • Improved the style and layout of the details pane, tooltips, and connection lines. (#45589)
  • Improved startup time for the mobile app. (#45482)
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.