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Self-hosted Retool 3.58 Edge release notes


Self-hosted Retool 3.58.0-edge was released on .


  • Added support for all mode in the expand rows Table API for improved row expansion control in paginated tables. (#45295)
  • Added a delete shortcut for moving apps to trash on the home page. (#45153)


  • Fixed an issue where analytics calls on the Retool landing had duplicate CORS headers. (#45478)
  • Fixed an issue where files would disappear from the UI after changing folders or metadata. (#45445)
  • Fixed an issue where special characters in folder names prevented deletion in Retool Storage. (#45450)
  • Fixed an issue with the Mobile Microphone component. (#45201)
  • Fixed issues with Modules. (#45384)
  • Fixed an issue where the utils.goToApp() action did not correctly include subfolders in the URL. (#45336)
  • Fixed missing placeholder text for popped-out editors in the code editor. (#45411)
  • Fixed an issue with the mobile code editor where popped-out editors would close unexpectedly when typing in the key-value component. (#45251)
  • Fixed inline SVG imports for mobile icons to improve startup time for mobile apps. (#45470)
  • Fixed issues with code snippet keys causing rerender bugs and began tracking focus events. (#45378)
  • Fixed display issues with row selection checkboxes and outline buttons for tables with xsmall row height. (#45377)
  • Fixed an issue with the external-user endpoint to handle invalid inputs and prevent frequent 500 errors. (#45358)
  • Fixed missing border on editor caused by previous modifications to the separator rendering. (#45363)
  • Fixed custom theme colors for emails. (#45283)
  • Fixed an issue with embedded app support for custom components. (#45269)
  • Fixed better logic for retrieving the 10 most recent workflow runs. (#45235)
  • Fixed an issue on Android where an empty array reduced operation caused errors. (#45264)
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollable container size was incorrectly calculated in the home screen app listing. (#45261)
  • Fixed an issue where the key value editor in the query editor would break when typing. (#45223)
  • Fixed an issue where all non-admin users were not disabled when an organization was downgraded to the Free plan. (#45245)
  • Fixed landscape mode display issue for older mobile apps. (#45248)
  • Fixed showing hidden Retool imports in specific diagnostic messages within the code editor. (#45152)


  • Improved the editing experience for the Key Value component. (#45327)
  • Improved performance by refactoring fetchScripts to avoid double alasql evaluation. (#45325)
  • Improved the layout of the Key Value component when the width is small. (#45356)
  • Improved the Table component by changing the image cell background from gray to transparent. (#45347)
  • Improved the Theme editor to pull correct typography values when multiple components are selected, with Mixed displaying appropriately as a placeholder. (#45249)
  • Improved the design of the Key Value component. (#45217)
  • Improved drag-and-drop functionality by adding a drop shadow and fixing separator overlap. (#45246)
  • Improved keyboard shortcut support. (#45204)


  • Patched CVE-2024-4367. (#45444)
Self-hosted Retool releases may include some changes that only apply to cloud-hosted organizations.